Léonce Vermouth.

      French Wine Aperitif

      Léonce Sauvignon Blanc Vermouth Extra Dry is made from a Sauvignon Blanc wine base that comes from the Domaine des Fumées Blanches family. This wine is then enriched with a Sauvignon Blanc eau-de-vie (distillate) in which various botanicals have been macerated beforehand. It has powerful notes of citrus fruits (pink grapefruit peel, bitter orange, tangerine, lemon and lime), lychee, violet, liquorice, wormwood and sage.

      Léonce Rouge Vermouth is made from a blend of several vintages of Maury red wines. The naturally sweet Maury wines are enriched with distillates from natural extracts of citrus fruits (grapefruit, classic & sweet orange, lemons), Mediterranean herbs, spices such as juniper, star anise, tonka bean, red chilli and aromatic plants. A complex, French, red vermouth that reflects the richness of its terroir when enjoyed

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